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DME engine computers and Solid-State DME Relays for Porsche 911, 993, 964, 968, 944 and 924S

Solid-State DME Relay (Pump-Prime)


Solid-State DME Relay (Pump-Prime)

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The Pump-Prime feature automatically runs the fuel pump for up to 3 seconds when the ignition is switched to the "On" position. This builds optimum fuel pressure before cranking the engine, insuring your Porsche starts as fast and as smooth as it possibly can.

Replace you old failure-prone mechanical DME relay with this premium Solid-State upgrade. Because it has no moving parts, it cannot "wear out" like the original or aftermarket relays do. It can be installed in just a few minutes without tools. Compatible with all Porsche 911 (993 & 964 models) 968, 944 and 924S.

Top Mechanical Relay Failures

#1 Cracked Solder Joints
As the engine vibrates, the heavy mass of a mechanical relay can eventually fatigue the solder joint connections leading to fractures. This Solid-State Relay is less than half the weight, and therefore, vibrates with the engine rather than against it. Our Solid-State Relay’s solder connections will never fatigue and therefore, cannot crack.

#2 Burned Contacts
Every time a mechanical relay engages, electrical arching occurs as the contacts close. This arching slightly burns the contacts and over time increases contact resistance. Higher resistance in the contacts means the entire relay heats up (including the solder joints) and will make cracked solder joints more likely. Solid-State Relays do not have mechanical contacts and do not “wear out” with use.

#3 Burned Coils
Mechanical relays have coils of finely wrapped copper wire with thin insulation. On occasion, the insulation fails and the coil internally shorts leading to burn-out. Solid-State Relays do not have a coils of wire and cannot fail in this way.

#4 Poor Quality Control
Cheap aftermarket relays are built in low-end Chinese factories with no significant quality control. The defect rates are extremely high and commonly include: poor soldering, unsoldered connections, damaged solder pads (from poor soldering), missing parts (like return springs), metal debris (trimmed resistor/diode legs) and bent/misaligned armature. Every Solid-State Relay we sell is visually inspected under a scope and functionally tested at least twice by trained technicians. If you do not choose our relay, we recommend at least a good mid-range mechanical relay manufactured in Germany or Hungry. True OE (Original Equipment) relays from Porsche are the best mechanical option. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) relays are of good quality, but not necessarily built to the same quality specification as the true Porsche OE version.

Key Features
• Primes fuel pressure for fast & smooth startups
• Solid-State Relay, no moving parts
• Cannot "wear out" like mechanical relays
• Premium high-quality product
• 4 year warranty
• Every relay inspected and tested
• Designed and manufactured in the USA

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911 turbo    (96-97)

Carrera 2     (89-94)

Carrera 4     (89-94)

Carrera        (95-98)

Carrera 4     (95-98)

924s             (85-88)

944              (83-89)

944s            (87-88)

944s2          (89-91)

944 turbo   (86-91)

968               (92-95)



993 615 227 01

993 615 227 00

944 615 227 00



Focus 9 Technology, LLC, offers a 4 year warranty on this product, including all parts and labor.  In the alternative, Focus 9 Technology, LLC will replace or refund the product at its option. Installation should be performed by a qualified automotive technician. The proper use of safety gear and ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) procedures when working with or handling our products is required.


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