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DME engine computers and Solid-State DME Relays for Porsche 911, 993, 964, 968, 944 and 924S





944-SPEC Racing DME

Watch a DME being assembled by our in-house Pick-N-Place!

The F9T 944-SPEC DME is the only aftermarket engine computer officially approved by NASA 944SPEC racing. To comply with club rules, this DME has the latest stock 944 NA program loaded directly into the processor chip and cannot be modified. Because it provides no performance advantages over the factory BOSCH DME, driving ability and race setup remain the greatest factors in determining winners.

While based on the factory BOSCH design, this new DME design takes full advantage of the last 30 years of advancements in electronic components, design tools and practices. The result is exceptional performance, quality and reliably that not even a brand new DME from the dealership can match.

· 6 Year Warranty Parts & Labor

· Superior Reliably

· 98% new parts

· 100% Direct Replacement

· Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Important Notes:

Installation of new DME electronics is performed on the core you send.

The following parts from your core must be reusable:

1. Enclosure and Main Connector

2. S100 Chip (Flywheel Sensor Chip.

***All of the other 300+ old parts in your core DME (except for what is listed above) can be missing or damaged.

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1985.5-1988 Porsche 944 (Naturally Aspirated) equipped with 8-Valve engines.

1982-1985 Porsche 944 (Naturally Aspirated) ***Late Model Core and AFM upgrade required.